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The countryside around Dorgali, Cala Gonone and the nearby villages offers a veritable outdoor playground, allowing you to choose from a host of sports and activities in beautiful natural surroundings. The area is particularly popular with climbers from all over Europe, offering limestone cliffs and numerous climbing routes suitable for any level. For those who prefer trekking, cycling or horse riding, there are trails and mule roads in the coastal and inland areas of Supramonte, leading to sites of unparalleled beauty such as the Gorroppu gorge and the Tiscali sinkhole. With breathtaking scenery and untamed nature, these routes were once the exclusive domain of shepherds and charcoal burners, and now present a satisfying challenge for walkers. Speleology is a feature from the mountaintops to the depths of the seabed in the Gulf of Orosei. A karst system runs for kilometres, and excursions are organised by cave-diving groups.

At Filieri we offer our guests a comprehensive concierge service, with information on the best activities and organisations in the Dorgali area.

Sea Experiences

The Gulf of Orosei is famous for its beaches and coves, which alternate for some 60 km of coastline running from Capo Monte Santo in the south to Punta Nera in the north.

Cala Gonone, Dorgali’s tourist resort, lies at the centre of the Gulf and offers easy access to the bays all the way down to Capo Monte Santo. Cala Luna, Sisine, Biriola, Mariolu and Goloritzè can all be reached by the ferries that depart from the port daily. Alternatively you can hire an inflatable boat with or without driver, for a more detailed exploration of the nooks and crannies of the coast, and to swim at anchor in the fabulous sea.
The best beaches accessible by car are:

Cala Fuili, where you can admire the crystal-clear water typical of the southern part of the Gulf. The particular colour of the sea here arises from the mixing of fresh water from karst springs with the salt water of the sea. Cala Fuili is the starting point for treks to the Bue Marino caves (northern branch), Ziu Santoru, Oddoana and Cala Luna.

Cala Cartoe. A distinctive sandy beach in the northern part of the Gulf of Orosei, with shallow water and powdery white sand; ideal for families.

Osalla. This extremely long beach is shared with the municipality of Orosei. The broad strip of sand is more than 7 km in length and backed by mediterranean maquis vegetation and pine forests.

Experiences in the Supramonte

The Supramonte is the vast range of mountains and limestone plateaus that surrounds Dorgali and the nearby villages. For centuries, this was Dorgali’s sheep-raising country, and today it is one of the area’s major visitor attractions. Rugged, wild and isolated. These have to be the best three words to describe it. But for those who learn to know and love these mountains, it’s a relationship that goes far beyond their morphological features. It’s a feeling of returning to the land and of hermeticism that will take you away from the busyness of city life for a few hours. The difficulty of the routes is proportional to the magnificence of their destinations. Treks vary in difficulty from tourist level to extremely challenging, not recommended for inexperienced walkers or, in general, without a guide. We’ll be delighted to advise you on the best natural sites to visit and direct you to the best guides for your excursions.

S'Abba Frisca Museum

Traditions, knowledge, flavours, sounds and scents from the culture of Sardinia’s Barbagia region brought together in a magnificent landscape, as a combination of nature and ethnography. The planned route through this open air museum came to life from the development and restoration of an old agricultural property, and it’s a journey along 400 metres of giant-stone pathways, century-old trees and hedgerows of Mediterranean maquis plants. Water is the dominant element: the spring called S’Abba Frisca (Fresh Water), beyond just giving its name to the property, feeds into fountains, cascades, water jets and a small lake. Enclosed in parkland, the old property is now the largest ethnographic museum in Sardinia featuring a cross-section of rural life from the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The parkland includes a small farm area with domestic and untamed animals. On scheduled days in summer or by reservation visitors can see Living Museum demonstrations of arts and crafts, with presentations such as baking pane carasau (crisp flat bread), grinding grain, and working filigree jewellery among many more possibilities. S’Abba Frisca open air museum is one of the leading attractions at Cala Gonone and Dorgali. About 5 km from these town areas, it tells the story of Sardinia in a tour that is highly recommended for families

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